What's the Deal with the Cost of Art?

Peeling back the Lid on Pricing Art Hands up for who finds the price of art slightly confusing? One of my biggest motivators behind giving blogging a go via JLWagner is to peel the lid back on the occasionally mysterious bits and pieces of the art world. So without further ado, for my first official content post, a burning art question that I get quite often: How the heck do you price art? Fair enough, art pricing is CONFUSING. Well, I want to dive in to how I personally pric

To All The Artists:

To those that are terrified of an arts degree, are told to pursue something “safe”, are told that there’s no career in the arts, that they just won’t make it, it’s not “realistic” ...plug your ears and sally forth. Here’s to those people that went for it anyway, that pushed boundaries and comfort zones, that hustled and fought, that decided they CAN make it, and that a safe life, isn’t the life they wanted at all. Cheers to you, cheers to artists. And to the naysayers... than

Well, Hello.

To kick off the first post of the BEST BLOG YOU'LL EVER READ (no srsly) here's my origin story (be warned it's long-winded): I grew up in the exact geographic center (it's true we had a sign) of the lower peninsula of the state of Michigan— Saint Louis, Michigan. I led a pretty blessed existence, small but mighty town, one heck of a phenomenal family, and big artsy dreams. Which led me to... 1. Graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Central Michigan University, jumping